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Today's Offer – $75 Off Any Garage Door Repair

Today's Offer – $75 Off Any Garage Door Repair

Today's Offer – $75 Off Any Garage Door Repair


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Austin Garage Door Repair Service

Austin Garage Door Repair Service is a well known Austin garage door company that handles all things garage door related. Our company is extremely versatile in our skillsets when it comes to garage maintenance.

We are ready and able to help you with your door needs at the moment you call. Our company guarantees same day service and within an hour. If you are worried about your commercial door’s assembly, then contact us for outstanding service and a trusted solution. You can expect a job well done from us every time you hire our team.

When to Call a Professional

When it comes to garage door repairs, we suggest you contact a professional company to assist you. Not all things should be taken care of by yourself on your own. The tension of your garage door components can cause severe damage if not handled smoothly. You should be aware of your safety at all times. We can help.

Our trusted team is only comprised of certified technicians that are extremely considerate of your safety and the way they handle your door too. They will give you a thorough solution that will last for the long haul. After we troubleshoot the situation and provide you with an assessment, our techs will go and handle the need for you.

We Have High Standards Among The Company

Our company is one that has high standards. We are never complacent about the matter at hand. All of our team members provide you with the best customer service that can be found in the industry. We give everyone that contacts us a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work.

If you have any questions or issue with the service and work we provide, then feel free to contact us. Truly, we are here to serve you and get to the bottom of the need you are struggling with.

Quality Techs

Our team is equipped to assist you any time that you need us. They have received training at our state of the art facility. We only employ techs that are highly skilled and well-trained. Plus, they receive on-going training to stay on the cutting edge of knowledge in this diverse industry.

Our techs are all certified and know how to handle any door, no matter the make and model that you have. After the training program, they receive a certification that will prove they are more than capable to meet your door needs.

Basic Garage Door Repairs

Regularly, our techs travel throughout Austin and work on behalf of our customer's needs. Since our team is highly skilled and trained, we find that they can repairs of any kind. They will make it look simple and your door will be up and running in no time. With confidence, they will make a lasting repair on your door where you can expect the following:

  • Long lasting solutions
  • Timely repairs
  • Same day help
  • Courteous phone staff
  • Uniformed technicians

Our customers keep coming back to us when they have a need and refer their friends our way too. We are dedicated to handling your door with the greatest care. Let us know how we can assist you with your repairs!

Extensive Repair Assistance

There are repairs that need more extensive help than others. While replacing the a spring, nut, or bolt may seem simplistic, it could be a potential danger. We have techs that can replace them for you. The make and model won’t be an issue for our team. We know them all!

If you think your repair need is too lofty, then we are able to install a new door for you. We can assist you with choosing the best option for your household.

Total New Installations Or Door Components

We always use the top brands and manufacturers in the industry. Our team is equipped and licensed to assist with any kind. No matter what is broken, we can get in the compatible part.

Some of the manufacturers that we work with can include:

  • Craftsman
  • Genie
  • Sears
  • Allstar
  • Amarr

No matter the brand name your garage door happens to be, we are certified to work on it.

Commercial And Residential Garage Doors

Our team works on both commercial and residential style doors. We are able to assist you with any style that you may have. The year of your assembly won’t be an issue because we are able to get the parts on it, no matter the age. Basically, we are equipped to handle anything, despite the type of door you may have.

Businesses often have hours where they are running their company. Our techs can work around your schedule so that we don’t get in the way of your business day operations. We will assist you after hours to give you the time and attention that you need. Our techs will be in uniform and look professional.

Garage Door Parts

Our team stays completely stocked on all door parts. They are kept in a warehouse where we have continuous access. Our team takes pride in making sure orders take place regularly so that things stay in stock. Further, we can place a special order as needed for whatever part your door requires.

Our team is able to get into the warehouse whenever they need to so that the techs trucks stay fully stocked. We want to be sure that they have what it takes to service your door at all times. They will be ready at a moment's notice.

We Work Around-the-Clock

Austin Garage Door Repair Service is available 24/7 for you. Our friendly phone reps are knowledgeable and help assess your door’s needs before they dispatch a tech to your location. They will assist you in a timely way and help you with an outstanding customer service.

There is no situation that is too hard for our team. We will assist you after hours in order to give you the help you need. Plus, we will never upcharge you for emergency service help.

Timely Service

We promise to give you same day service. In fact, we aim to be there in an hour or less for your call. Our goal is to never make you wait. Rather, we want to accommodate your needs in a way that serves you well.

We want to exceed your expectations every time we assist you. When you use our company you can expect:

  • Top brands and manufacturers
  • Rust resistant parts
  • Compatible door components
  • Helpful phone reps
  • Same day service
  • Emergency on-call repairs

We are ready to listen as you call us and fill us in on what you need for your garage door. Our technicians will come out and give you the best customer service experience.

Contact Us Today for Excellent Service

Our goal is to assist you with anything you need for your door. Austin Garage Door Repair Service is a company that will take your call at any time of day. We are equipped to help you with any maintenance need, repairs, installations and so much more. Our team is standing by to assist you even now. Give us a call today so that we can give you the best service in the industry!

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You Can Trust Us for the Job

What people are saying about us:

They have excellent customer service! There was a service issue with my original motor and a communication issue between me and the original technician. The owner of the company contacted me herself! She was courteous, efficient and fixed my problem. Jim and Austin came out today to fix my issue and did an excellent job. I highly recommend this company!

-Anjall P


They were fabulous! Yesterday my garage door spring broke and I called these guys and they were able to come out the next day. The guy they sent out was very friendly and knowledgeable. My springs were under warranty from when they came out 7 years ago, so I didn't have to pay for parts, just labor. I was happy they stood behind their warranty!!! He also sold me on replacing the rollers to help prevent the spring from breaking again. The price was decent and the installation was quick. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone and I will use them again if needed!

-David R


Excellent customer service. Quick response time. I called several places and they definitely were the best priced. Within a few hours they repaired my garage door.

Bradley was my tech. He was extremely professional, kind, and expedient. He even chatted with my 4 year old son while working, explaining what and why he was doing each part of the repair.

I would RECOMMEND to all!

-Nick A


The technician was friendly, prompt and knowledgeable. He gave me many options to fix my broken door including pricing. Miguel was GREAT! The repair was done in under 30 minutes.

Thanks MIGUEL!!

-Devin S


On a Saturday evening, at about 5 p.m., my garage door crashed and would not open. I was lucky not to have parked in the garage, which I normally do, or things could have been much worse! I called them and not only did they answer the phone, they sent someone out within 45 minutes and Miguel replaced the springs within 30 minutes! He also assured me I would have a lifetime guarantee should this happen again. I would definitely recommend them for any of your garage door problems.

-Pamela S


They did an outstanding job repairing my garage door. The storm fried my garage control so that I could not open the door. Technician was on time, very professional, keep me posted on what he was doing, including cost. I would highly recommend their services!

-Ron S


This company is very helpful. Jeff, my technician was in and out in under an hour. He explained things thoroughly as well. Prices are a little high but that's because they use premium high grade materials. I guess that's to make sure your garage door and opener last a long time. Good JOB!!!!

-Michael L


This last weekend the spring on our garage door snapped and broke both the cables. These guys came and fixed the door the following morning at 7 AM and arrived exactly when they said they would arrive. He replaced everything on the garage door except for the rails, the opener, and the garage door itself it seemed like and did it all and about an hour. Watching the man work was like watching a ninja. He explained why he was doing what he was doing and guaranteed all the parts for life. Five out of five would break door again.

-Paul L


Great customer service - gave me a great time window and basically explained very well to a lay person about what's wrong and why the door is not working.
The first quote was too high & I asked about the coupons I had and any other cheaper option.

He gave me a great quote and was done in little over an hour.
Showed and explained the entire invoice to me and I guess we'll see if this old door will work for at least a few more years before I have to replace it.
Thanks guys!

-Jason H


9:30 AM on Sunday morning and the spring on the garage door breaks. Who you gonna call?

This is the second time we have used their services. Each time has been on a Sunday morning for some odd reason. Why always on Sunday you ask? Well how the hell should I know? Just lucky I guess.

Each time I was able to schedule an appointment for the same day. I'd set an appointment for (this time) before 2:00 and within an hour or so, I had a tech calling me telling me he'd be there in about 15-20 minutes.

When he arrived he diagnosed the problem and gave me a quote. (NOTE: I bawked a little about the price and he found $100 in discounts.) So make sure you question them on the price.

Once we agreed on the price he started working and in a very short time he had finished and was on his way.

I am very grateful for their quickness and not charging a HUGE surcharge for Sunday service.

-Terry G

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